February 27, 2013


I constantly have a strange feeling that there are places I still have to see. I love traveling and not doing it right now is strangling my guts and Prague is still in my heart one of the greatest cities that I will never forget, just like Barcelona in summer time, Berlin in October fall, memory lanes in my brain. Every places I've visited since now has shown me a little bit of myself, that part of me that I still don't know that much, and that's why I think that traveling is a cure to ignorance, idiocracy and intolerance, and every time I see this pictures, I can't stop thinking about those days, when dreaming was just so cheap, when you could do anything you wanted when you wanted to do it.

I love traveling, I love Berlin, Barcelona by the night and by the day, looking at the sun going down through the ocean, Prague at the other side of the world, another place to dream about love, adventure, music, sex and crazy night in crazy places, pubs full of people, unknown strangers, traveling, just like me, without thinking too much about what tomorrow could bring them.

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